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Sunnyvale Hindu Temple
450 Persian Drive, Sunnyvale CA 94089
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(408) 734-4554, (408) 734-0775
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Temple Timings
Monday to Sunday
08:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Day Aarthi
Monday - Saturday 12:00PM
Sunday - 1:30 PM
Evening Aarthi
Monday - Sunday 08:00 PM
Today's Events
Temple Open for Darshan (Walk-through) only 09:00AM - 08:00 PM;
From 12th April 2021
  • Starting from 12th April, 2021 (Ugadi day) Temple will be open for devotees for Darshan only (Walk-through inside the temple)
  • All devotees must wear face-mask to enter into the temple and during darshan
  • Devotees are requested to follow the line for Darshan and walk-through the temple without holding up the line or staying back
  • No socializing is allowed within the temple premises
  • All major events or poojas will be performed outside the temple and/or will be streamed live on temple YouTube live channel
  • Devotees are requested to follow County's Social Distancing Protocol requirements
  • All devotees are requested to note that there will be no seating allowed; bathrooms may not be available for use
Sri Rama Navami 21th April, Wednesday
Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam 24th April, Saturday
Sunnyvale temple will be celebrating Sri Rama Navami with following events. All devotees are welcome to join this event and get blessings of Lord Sita Rama Swamy.
21 April, Wednesday
10:00AM Sri Rama Parivar Abhishekam $51.00
12:00PM Mahamangala Arathi, Prasad
7:00PM Sri Rama Sahasranama Archana
8:00PM Mahamangala Harathi, Prasad
24 April, Saturday
10:30AM Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam Utsavam(Outside temple) $116.00
7:00PM Sri Sita Rama pavalimpu seva (Oonjal Seva)
Shani Abhishekam 24th April, Saturday
All devotees are welcome to participate in the Abhishekham and Homam get blessings of Lord Shani Bhagwan.
5:00PM - Shani Trayodasi, Special Navagraha Abhishekam and Homam
Sponsor for this event ($51)
Sri Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja - 26th April, Monday
As part of Monthly events, Sri Satyanarayan Swamy Pooja and Vrat Katha will be performed at Sunnyvale temple. All devotees interested to participate in the Vrat can do so by registering at the venue for a suggested donation of $51/-. All necessary samagri for the pooja will be provided. Devotees should bring flowers, prasad & fruits. All are Welcome to participate and get blessings of SriSatyaNarayana Swamy.
6:30PM to 8:00PM
Sankatahara Chaturthi - 29th April, Thursday
As part of monthly events Lord Ganesha Abhishekham will be performed followed by Archana and Aarti. All devotees are welcome to participate and get blessings of Lord Ganesha.
Abhishekham, Archana and Aarathi.
6:00PM to 8:00PM
Weekly Events
Amrit vani Bhajans
Lord Shiva Abhishekham
6:30 PM
Lord Hanuman Abhishekham
7:00 PM
Lord Karthikeya Pooja
7:00 PM
SaiBaba Aarati
7:00 PM
Goddess Lakshmi Pooja
7:00 PM
Saturday Abhishekham for
Sri Venkateswara,
LaxmiNarasimha Click here for details
Monthly Events
First Friday
Mataka Jagaran
7:00PM - 10:00PM
First Saturday
Lord Sri Venkateshawara Abhishekham
10:00 AM
Second Saturday
Lord Sri Swaminatha Abhishekham
10:00 AM
Third Saturday
Navagraha Abhishekham
11:00 AM
Fourth Saturday
Sri LaxmiNarasimha Swamy Abhishekham
10:00 AM
Fourth Saturday
Lord Jagannath Pooja
10:30 AM
Fourth Saturday
Sri Sundarakand Path
2:00 PM
Sunday after Sankramanam
Baba Balak Nath ji Chouki
3:00 PM
Recent Events
Ayyapa Swamy Pooja
Vaikunta Ekadashi
Skanda Shasti
Ganesha Chathurthi
Sri Krishna Janmastami
Jagannadha Ratha Yatra
Events LiveStreaming
Special events at temple will be livestreamed in YouTube live
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